Friday, June 22, 2012


“Larry Buchanan and Karen Gans have written a fascinating personal account of discovery and transformation that interconnects a silver discovery, a small village, and their own personal views of science, culture, mysticism and religion.”
~Paul Klotman, MD, President & CEO, Baylor College of Medicine

"A deeply moving and timeless testimonial. . . . The authors’ grace shines through as do the charm and dignity of . . . the townspeople themselves.”
~T. S. Kaplan, PhD, Founder and Executive Secretary of Panthera, the world’s largest organization dedicated to wild cat preservation

“Prospecting in 1995, geologist Larry Buchanan found evidence of a gigantic silver ore deposit whose development would necessitate the complete removal of the small Quechua-speaking village atop it. . . . This book raises the question: when a people’s traditional lifestyle is on the very margins of survival, how should the gains and losses of modernity be weighed? . . . El Tio’s prophecy and his ambiguous gift completes the circle of meaning, providing context for a page-turning mystery that is both tightly structured and evocatively written.”
~Anne Chambers, PhD, Professor of Anthropology at Southern Oregon University, author with Keith Chambers of Unity of Heart: Culture and Change in a Polynesian Atoll Society

The Gift Of El Tío takes you deep into an unknown world in such a delightful way, through the eyes of the people themselves. An eye-opener . . . unafraid to tackle politically incorrect subjects, but does so with a balanced, honest approach. This is a must read for our polarized society.”
~J.C. Gelvin, geologist, President of Minera Plata Real

“. . . before I went to Bolivia and Peru, I tried to read about life in the Altiplano. The only information was as arid as the Altiplano itself. . . . With The Gift Of El Tío, I have gotten to know an entire village, a whole new way of life. . . . It has adventure, humor, conflict, grace, death, prophesies, greed, mysterious spirits and baby llamas. . . . A real page-turner.”
~F. H. Curtis, Ed.D., former University instructor and avid armchair traveler

“Any writer who starts a book as Karen Gans does in her introduction with the words, ‘My husband is so full of it,’ has my attention. The Gift Of El Tío is a rare treat of a story that pulls you in from the very beginning. The writing is compelling, and the people who touch Larry and Karen will stay with you long after you finish reading the last page.”
~Nicolle Wallace, author of the novel, Eighteen Acres

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